1. Give a Gift of Love to a Hurting Child

It’s not too late to send a gift!

Children are the saddest victims of war and collapsed economies. Each Christmas we bless unloved children, the orphans, street kids and children left with parents imprisoned for loving Christ. Simple gifts such as a package of shampoo, soap, socks and new pyjamas is a big deal for children who have little or nothing.

This Christmas we have so many more children to care for…children in refugee camps with absolutely nothing, children in orphanages that we have supported for many years, and children in families suffering persecution for the Christ whose birth we celebrate.

They are hurting children.

For many, Christmas is another day with just a bowl of soup and a slice of bread.


It’s not too late to send a gift to a hurting Child!

Our volunteers work directly on the field and personally deliver your hand-wrap gifts. We save on shipping costs so that 100% of your love gift goes to the child!




2. Give a Gift of Comfort to a Persecuted Family

Christians face worse persecution today than at any time in history

This Christmas there are many hurting families with a loved one imprisoned for Christ. Many times families are left without the bread-winner, leaving a mother and the children in desperate situations without any means of supporting themselves. In countries like Iran, Iraq and Pakistan they face persecution from their neighbors. They feel abandoned as others are afraid to help them.

We want to bless them, support them financially and give gifts to their children this Christmas. Our small efforts for them will break their isolation and will bring them new hope.   Give


3. Send a Child to School 

Support our new school for children in Iraqi Kurdistan!

Recently we opened up a school in Kurdistan where 45 children whose families had no means to pay for their education are now enrolled in classes. Because it is not a government funded school we are not bound by the many restrictions in the predominantly Islamic country and therefore we able to add to the children’s regular curriculum lessons about Jesus! This is a unique opportunity to grab the heart of a small child. Many of these children have never heard about Jesus and may not have been given this opportunity. Another bonus is that the children go home with Christian literature and we offer Bible studies for their parents!



Children in Kurdistan are given an opportunity to go to school.

Your gift of $45 will give a child school supplies and Christian literature to learn about Jesus!




4. Give a Life-Sustaining Gift of a Dairy or Farm Animal

Families struggle daily to put food on the table in countries that have been hit by terror, war, or a collapsed economy.

Your life-sustaining gift will help impoverished families earn additional income and keep their children healthy in Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Kurdistan, Pakistan and India.

For $80 you can provide a goat or another life-sustaining animal and help minister to impoverished families in countries we serve.


One goat can produce 700 liters of milk a year



One cow can provide 80 glasses of milk a day





Two hens and a rooster can produce 500 eggs a year



5. Provide a Needy Family with a Sheep 

Did you know that sheep not only produce warm wool but also provide nutritious milk?

Poor families struggle to survive harsh winters in countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine. Wool from sheep keeps everyone warm and sheep give milk too! Not all sheep are heavy milk producers but they can provide milk for a family and make some excellent cheese.

Villagers in countries where winters are less severe supplement their income by selling the offspring, making cheese or crafts from wool to sell at a market.


Sheep provide wool for families as well as milk and cheese