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  • For more than 30 years, Door of Hope International (DOHI) has been committed to bringing God’s Word into areas of the world where Christians are persecuted.
  • Since 1972, Door of Hope International has delivered over one million New Testaments and tens of thousands of Bibles to Eastern Europe, Asia, and the former Soviet Republics.
  • New Testament Letter Ministry. Believing that God’s Word is vital to spiritual growth and knowledge of God, in 1972, Dr Haralan Popov started a unique “New Testament Letter Ministry” which infiltrated Communist countries through an unstoppable method. With help from “Home Missionaries” abroad, portions of New Testaments were disguised beneath personal letters and mailed to recipients living under Communist Ideology. Individuals received these letters from different “Missionaries” around the world and, portion-by-portion they received a complete New Testament.

  • Bible Printing and Distribution. Door of Hope International continues to deliver Bibles to places where the Church suffers oppression. One of DOHI’S greatest and most successful endeavors is the translation, printing, and distribution of Thomas Nelson’s Open Bible-Study Bible in Romanian, Bulgarian and Russian languages. This solid Study Bible became a “Portable Bible School” to thousands of Pastors, Evangelists and Bible School students at a time when Bible studies and seminaries were forbidden. Today, after the breakdown of the Iron Curtain, many cults and various religious sects have emerged in the countries once behind the Iron wall. The Open Bible is highly cherished and still in great demand as a good study source of God’s true Word. It continues to be a blessing to all who receive it.
  • DOHI has also sponsored the Chinese Spoken Bible, the translation of the Holy Scriptures into minority languages of the former Soviet Union, and the New Testament in Braille for the blind in Bulgaria.
  • DOHI remains focused on strengthening persecuted Christians worldwide through Bible delivery, leadership training, aid, prayer and advocacy and equipping the Persecuted Church.
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