Paul H. Popov was born in Bulgaria. When he was five years old, Paul’s father, Dr. Haralan I. Popov, a prominent Protestant Minister, was brutally taken away by the KGB from his family in 1947, arrested on false charges. It was 15 years later that Paul saw his father again. Having grown up without a father, in Communist Bulgaria, he suffered many deprivations. His family was labeled as members of an arrested “spy” and therefore not to be helped. His mother, Ruth, (a Swedish missionary to Bulgaria) was not allowed to leave for her homeland or permitted to work, and therefore had tremendous difficulty to feed and provide for her two young children.

When Paul was eight, his family was finally able to immigrate to his mother’s homeland, Sweden. It was in Sweden, that Paul committed himself to serve mankind and assist others like his own family who had suffered political and religious discrimination and poverty. He pursued an education in Political Science and Human Geography at the University of Stockholm.

When Paul’s father was finally released from Communist slave camps he rejoined his family in Sweden. Although Paul’s work as a journalist at a daily newspaper engaged much of his time, he devoted every extra moment to help his father with the difficult and often dangerous missionary work behind the Iron Curtain. He became indispensible to his father and the ministry. As the work of the mission expanded, it became vital for Paul to join the mission full-time. He emigrated to Canada to start a branch office. In 1974, Paul started Door of Hope Canada. In 1977 he became International Vice President and upon his father’s retirement in 1980, he became the International President and moved to Glendale, CA.

Paul and his wife Agneta, have been married for 40 years and have two sons and one daughter.

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