Voice of the Suffering Church

  • Door of Hope International (DOHI) is a “Voice and a Helping Hand” to Christians suffering persecution for their faith in Jesus Christ. We bring awareness of world-wide persecution through news briefs, and updates on current atrocities, human rights violations and religious oppression. We advocate on behalf of individuals and the Church-body, standing as a “voice” for those whose voice has been silenced.
  • We invite all to partner with us in prayer for Christians suffering for their faith.
  • Through our Prayer and Action newsletters, and monthly appeals we inform our partners in ministry of urgent situations. We provide opportunities of active advocacy through petitions and letters to governments on behalf of prisoners incarcerated for their faith in Jesus Christ, or violation of religious freedom, and acts against humanity as well as sending letters of encouragement directly to imprisoned Christians and their families.
  • We encourage others to become an advocate voice in their local church or community by becoming a member of our online Prayer and Action team. Prayer is a powerful tool. Without prayer, there is no spiritual impact. God alone changes situations.
Persecuted Christians
News and Articles
“This section includes general news and articles regarding the persecution of Christians around the world. For more specific information on a particular country, please visit our Country Reports section.”
Suffering Christians