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Published Date:4/30/2013
American Pastor Saeed Abedini placed in solitary confinement
American Pastor Saeed Abedini placed in solitary confinement
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American Pastor Saeed Abedini has been sent to solitary confinement following a peaceful protest against lack of medical care and threats to family members who visit. Abedini and several other prisoners signed a letter that they gave to prison authorities expressing their dissatisfaction and concerns. As retaliation to the silent protest, Abedini and nine others were placed into solitary confinement.

"We believe that he is being beaten in solitary confinement. We have no way of finding out about his health. There will be no more visitations allowed and we will have no way of knowing how Saeed is doing," said Abedini’s wife, Naghmeh.

"Saeed had previously told his family that when he was in solitary confinement in the past, that was the hardest time in his life.

That every hour was like one year and that he was losing his memory and his health was deteriorating quickly," Naghmeh reported.

“Saeed has internal bleeding and now issues with his kidneys because of the beatings.”

On Monday, April 29 which marks 215 days of imprisonment, Abedini’s Iranian family was refused their weekly visit and told that he is no longer permitted to have visitors.

Abedini will be 33 years old on May 7. He converted to Christianity at the age of 20 and later married an American and shortly after became a U.S. citizen. He worked as a Christian leader among the Iranian community and helped establish house churches in Iran. He was arrested in 2005 but released after promising to not continue in his Christian activities. He travelled back often to Iran to visit his family and to establish a secular orphanage in Iran and was arrested in July 2012.

Please continue to pray for Pastor Abedini and raise your voice on his behalf.
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