Outreach Ministries

Prison ministry

Sharing the Gospel and providing humanitarian aid to prisoners remains a vital part of our ministry. We also provide half way housing and Christian education for those who have accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal savior.

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Sport Ministry

For many years we have supported a very effective sport ministry in Ukraine, where more than three thousand young people have participated in sport activities such as soccer and basketball organized by a local Christian pastor. Through this ministry, many young people have heard the good news of the Gospel and received salvation and hope. In 2009 the sports teams received Honors from the Ukrainian Government. An unprecedented first for a Christian sports team.

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outreach_ministries_main_image2Youth Ministries

Through Youth Leadership training seminars, Door of Hope International is providing practical, hands-on training to youth leaders in Eastern Europe and Ukraine, teaching them the most effective methods of reaching neglected generations with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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Global Friendships

Have you dreamed of travelling to foreign lands to share the Good News but were limited by circumstances to do so? Global Friendships is just the ministry for you! All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a desire to make new friends around the world. Become a Global Pen-pal with someone who has never had an opportunity to hear or read the Good News. By building a friendship which crosses cultural and geographic borders through trust and understanding, your emails of encouragement could help someone in a country such as China, Morocco, or Tunisia find Jesus as their Lord and Savior. A special blessing is in store for those who help others find Christ (Dan. 12:3).

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