Ambassador Program



As a DOHI Ambassador you will help tell the story of the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ in many nations, who are suffering for their faith. Your involvement in the Ambassador Program can be as little or more involved according to your time availability and level of commitment. No matter what level of commitment you are able to give, you will become an invaluable member of the DOHI family as we work together to help those who are suffering for the name of Jesus Christ.

Many Free World Christians know little or nothing of the Suffering Church, even though at least 100,000,000 Christians live in areas where Christian persecution occurs.


Below are some of the ways that you can participate in as a DOHI Ambassador:

  • Help recruit prayer warriors through a weekly/monthly prayer group
    • Pray for individual prisoners who are imprisoned and being tortured for their faith. Pray for their release and for their families.
    • Encourage members of your prayer group to minister to suffering Christians and prisoners by sending them monthly cards and letters of encouragement


  • Help mobilize Christians in the free world to advocate for the suffering believers
    • By contacting their government officials to take appropriate actions in their behalf
    • Begin petitions on behalf of a prisoner


  • Help spread the word and mobilize prayer and support by sharing information and stories with:
    • Your friends and relatives
    • Your church or mission committee
    • Sunday school classes or small groups
    • Men’s and women’s fellowships


  • Help spread the word about the work of DOHI
    • Distribute copies of DOHI Newsletters
    • Share your testimony and passion for the Suffering Church in group meetings
    • Distribute copies of Tortured for His Faith by Dr. Haralan Popov
    • Arrange local meetings for Paul Popov, when he visits your area
    • Arrange a meeting for Paul to speak in your church
    • Set up a DOHI Information Booth at Christian gatherings in your community
    • Encourage Christians to visit the DOHI website:
    • Encourage church leaders to share a DOHI video in their meetings
    • Help people sign up to receive the DOHI Newsletter
    • Promote DOHI’s GlobalFriendships Ministry, giving Christians the opportunity of sharing Christ in restricted countries where missionaries are forbidden to go, through email with people who are asking for help with their English. GlobalFriendships website:


  • Begin a GlobalFriendships Group
    • Encourage members in your group to select an ePal to communicate with
    • Share stories of your progress with your new ePal(s)
    • Educate your group about Islam, its ideology and methods of propaganda to bring Sharia Law into all the world, using videos and reading materials.
    • Learn together the best methods of sharing Christ with Muslims.


  • Help DOHI with financial support through creative methods
    • Hold fundraising events for DOHI or for a specific DOHI project
    • Hold a church garage sale event to support DOHI Ministries
    • Hold a bake sale to support DOHI Ministries
    • Think outside the box! Tell us what other creative ways you can financially support DOHI Ministries!


You will report to a helpful DOHI staff member who will answer your questions, provide you with material and information and coach you as you carry out your ministry as a DOHI Ambassador.

As a DOHI Ambassador you are an important member of the DOHI team. You become a key link to spreading information to people in your community who are unaware of the millions of Christians suffering persecution for Christ around the world!

To become a DOHI Ambassador, please fill out the Ambassador Application form here.