7,000 miles, alone, from East to West and South to North!


We are so excited and honored to share in an amazing journey with James (Jim) Sterner, a Door of Hope Int’l supporter, who is dedicating the next many months of his life to bring awareness of Christians imprisoned for their faith around the world by riding a bicycle, alone, 7,000 miles across America, East to West and South to North!

We are eager to follow Cycle Awareness Ride Experience (CARE) fundraising campaign dedicated to Door of Hope Int’l (DOHI) as James speaks to people and churches across his path about suffering Christians.

James has spent almost a year in preparation for his bicycle trip AND HE IS OFF, TODAY!

James needs to finish the 7,000-mile trip before winter sets in. To accomplish this he must travel a minimum of 50 miles a day. He is travelling alone and many things could happen along his way. Please pray for his safety and that God will prepare hearts to receive his message.

We want you to be part of this journey and experience!

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How it all began…

James (Jim) Sterner Sr., 63-yrs-old, contacted the US office of his desire to bring awareness of persecuted and imprisoned Christians around the world by fundraising for DOHI through a 7,000 mile bicycle trip across America.

James read Haralan Popov’s book, Tortured For His Faith, and was moved by Haralan's experience. Later, after reading a DOHI appeal about Pastor Alimjan Yimit, a Christian imprisoned for his faith in China, James was moved to do something. He encouraged his church to write letters to Alimjan in prison. Soon his church began handwriting letters and adding scripture portions in them. They were dedicated and consistent.

James wanted to do more, to bring a wider awareness of Christians imprisoned for Christ. He prepared a way by bicycling across American and named his campaign, CARE.

James also wants to bring awareness for US veterans who have been injured during deployment but not receiving help from the government for things like prosthesis, etc., due to a situation of a friend of his. He is raising funds for this through Semper Fi Fund.

** All donations received through CARE for persecuted Christians will go 100% to Door of Hope International (DOHI) and are tax-deductible.

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