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Christian Lawyer Kidnapped, Beaten and Threatened with Death for Defending Human Rights


Li Baiguang, a Christian human rights lawyer was kidnapped by more than 10 Communist Party agents, beaten severely and threatened with death.

According to ChinaAid, Baiguang just finished filing a petition for peasants who had lost their land in a government takeover and suffered injustices. As he was pulling open the door to his hotel in Wenling, Zhejiang, more than 10 “solid and tall” Communist Party agents in plainclothes abducted him, took him into the forest, beat him severely, and threatened to dismember him, cutting off his hands, feet, and head, should he return or refuse to leave by tomorrow.

“I was very afraid!” Li told his friends after the officials allowed him to go home.

During his career, Li, who works for the Beijing Municipal Gongxin Law Firm, has represented numerous prominent human rights cases, including that of Zhang Kai, a Christian attorney who was taken away and tortured by the government for defending more than 100 Zhejiang churches from a cross demolition campaign. In a letter written after his release, Zhang lauded Li as someone who “stepped forward for me in my period of horror.”